Bola Ray (real name Kwabena Anokye Adisi), the brain behind Empire 102.7fm  in Takoradi is more than confident that the new station will soon rule the airwaves.

Not only has Empire 102.7 hit the airwaves with new and refreshing programmes, putting itself on a different pedestal from the on-going repetition and programme’s similarities, it has also joined hands with Multimedia group—to bring the best to its listeners.

The studious of Empire
The studious of Empire

In its bid to set the bar high, Empire FM will not be cluttered with the turbulence of Ghana’s day-to-day politics as it appears to be the trend in the industry—Empire will take centre stage with thought-provoking Entertainment and lifestyle programmes.

“We are an entertainment and lifestyle station. It is for a market group who are not so much leaning towards politics or current affairs but who are rather leaning towards an entertainment and lifestyle led content. We are also looking at doing more music and less of talking,” Frank Odoom, Business Manager of the station, says.

Empire 102.7 FM is your best bet in the Western Region.

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