Ghanaian musicians Hewale Sounds are a folk group formed by musician Dela Botri, who is known locally as the ‘flute magician’.

The band are famous across Ghana and have toured internationally in their 17 years together, performing with Stevie Wonder in 2004.

Band members come and go, but Dela is always there to steer the unique blend of traditional Ghanaian music with more contemporary styles.

Some of the instruments the band play include the atenteben (a bamboo flute), the Akan seprewa harp-lute, the goje one-stringed Dagbani fiddle, the giant Ga gome frame drum, guitars, xylophones and other types of percussion equipment.

Presenter Mark Beaumont’s joined Hewale Sounds for a lesson in Ghanaian music during the short visit of the Queen’s Baton Relay to the country.

The group can be seen here performing Spirit of Africa in the capital, Accra.


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