Bad girl actress Kafui Danku. She has, more often than not,been cast in bad girl roles in movies such as  Today’s Women, Letters To My Mother, The Bachelors, Dream Of Chance, A Reason To Kill, 4 Play Reloaded and Announcement.

In these movies, Kafui plays characters who snatches her friends’ husbands or go baby  stealing.

Although she maintains that it is not her fault that producers cast her in bad-girl roles, the tall actress believes that such roles make her a tough person since she is a soft person in real life.


“Anyone who knows me is amazed when they see me play such roles because they know I am a soft person. Maybe, the producers want to challenge me that is why they make me play such roles”   Kafui told Showbiz.

Although she would like to play other roles than always playing bad girl roles, Kafui said she is cool with playing such roles and that if she is able to make people think she is bad girl by taking up such roles then it means she is doing well.

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“Anyone who knows me is amazed when they see me play such roles because they know I am a soft person”

“If you have people talk about you for playing a bad girl  role so well that they even think you are like that in real life, then I think you are good actress” she said.

According to the 30-year old actress, people are quick to judge by saying all sorts of things about you by seeing you play bad girl role in movies.

“I have received bashing on the Internet anytime an article is written about me about a bad girl role I played but I am not bothered at all” she said.


Talking about her movies, Kafui who has gotten the opportunity to work on her own movies said it is very challenging being a producer than an actor.

She explained that people assume you should know more before being a producer and that has challenged her to know so many things before coming out with her movies Letters To My Mother and Devil In A Dress which is soon to hit the market.

Kafui said producing has really upped her game in the industry because it has presented her with the opportunity to show the world that she can do a lot more.

Throwing more light on her second movie, Devil In A Dress which features actors Majid, Ben Brako, Mikki Osei-Berko and Roselyn Ngissah, Kafui said she had to bring her best out since it was her movie and also because she acted alongside great actors.

The beautiful actress said the sky is her limit so far as acting is concerned.

 Credit: Graphic Showbiz

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