For the first time, model, lawyer, and TV presenter, Sandra Ankobiah has spoken about her relationship with the two Yvonnes.

Close to the end of last year, news in social circles was that Sandra had dumped her close pal Yvonne Nelson for Yvonne Okoro.

“No one tells me who to choose as a friend and who I should hang out with. I have so many friends and I cannot go out with all of them as the same time and that explains why I go out with one at a time” Sandra told Showbiz last Friday.

According to Sandra, the media are making a big deal out of the situation because they are more important things to talk about than who is whose best friend.

“Who I am hanging out with is no big deal that someone should even be talking about. You can’t be out with all your friends at the same time. But the truth is, there is no problem between the two Yvonnes and I. I am very cool with the two and we talk on daily basis”,  Sandra said.

Asked who her best friend was, Sandra replied: my family. “My family will never turn their backs on me when I am  in need and that is the reason I will always go for my family as my best friend” Sandra said.


On balancing her careers, Sandra said combining law practice and television  presenting has not been easy. She  said her TV show Fashion 101 is on break and she is now concentrating on her new show, A Day In Life on TV3.

She said that although TV presenting is taking almost all her time, she would not hesitate to say she prefers to practice law if she is asked to choose between TV presenting and practicing Law.

Although she featured in movies House Of Gold and Number One Fan, Sandra said the last thing she would consider doing is going full time into movies.

“I have had comments by my admirers that I should go into movies but acting is not really my thing. It would be practicing law first which indeed I am doing now and TV presenting” Sandra said.

Credit: Graphic Showbiz


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