The Global Shapers Accra Hub, an initiative of the World Economic Forum have recently launched their latest project, The Accra Discourse.

The project is aimed at starting a conversation about the future of entrepreneurship, leadership and change in Ghana.

The main speaker was the Executive Chairman of the Merchant Company of West Africa, Ruben Atekpe (pictured).

Atekpe spoke to the over 100 attendees to the forum about thinking outside the box, having hope in the potential of their ideas through realistic, well-thought through strategies and perseverance.

This Accra Discourse, the organisers say, will be a series of monthly events that will feature insightful conversations bringing together leading Ghanaian change makers from various industries.

The curator of the Global Shapers Accra Hub is Fred Deegbe, Jnr.

Speaking to the gathering, Deegbe noted that “we are aware that there are a lot of such fora like this. But what we want to do is to provide yet another outlet for creative thinking while carving a niche as a place where ideas are truly born.”

The next event will be on February 3 and every first Monday of the month hence.


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