Physical fitness has enormous health benefits as it increases your body’s energy and vitality. It keeps you in shape and brings about the ‘feel good factor’.

Fitness69, as, powered by Ghana Health nest, is a fun filled Fitness Program designed to help you keep fit,kill stress, and keep you up-to-date with whats happening to your Physical and Mental health.

The program, the first of its kind, in Ghana,is scheduled to routinely offer fitness session to its members, as well as medical screening,medical directory and a standby medical consultancy.

Each session shall be graced with experts in the fields of fitness, medicine, nutrition, entrepreneurship, sports, and Fashion.

The maiden edition is set to take place on Saturday February 1st 2013, with a walk up the Aburi Mountains.


Order your tickets Here 

Or Call,SMS or Whatsapp 027-265-0138, 026-200-8005, 026-519-9680.

Remember And you are always as fit as your last workout.Harness this opportunity to start a lifelong physical activity.

With Fitness69, it is total Fun with Purpose and Fitness for Life.




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