Veteran actress, Irene Opare, has said the comparison between movies produced in Accra and those coming in from Kumasi as though they were two different fields, is totally unnecessary.

She’s told in an interview that both can run side by side.

“Kumasi movies are local movies; I mean there’s nothing we can… we can’t compare ‘Kumasi’ movies and the English ones,” she says

“They are totally local movies and so we can have the two running alongside, which is fine. There is nothing wrong with it.”

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In a response to why she hasn’t been seen in a major movie production lately, she said:

[quote_center]“It’s not like I don’t want to do movies anymore. If I get a very good script, challenging role, good money, I will play it. I mean that’s my job .You know movies, going on locations and stuff is no joke, you know so I’m game.”[/quote_center]

Why hasn’t she produced her own movie yet?

“I haven’t ventured into movies yet. I haven’t thought of that.”

Opare hasn’t remained idle however; she is the brain behind the sanitation-themed television program, Clean Mama.

“I’m so seriously into TV production and it makes me so busy.”

Irene Opare, Right, at the premiere of Leila Djansi's 'A Northern Affair'
Irene Opare, Right, at the premiere of Leila Djansi’s ‘A Northern Affair’

‘I’ve been doing movies for twenty something years and I just had a dream to work on sanitation in Ghana so I just started it and that was it. That was what happened; I am into it so I want to educate Ghanaians about cleanliness. We need to get it right.”

Clean Mama, she says, talks about cleanliness and everything hygiene.

“Ghanaians, let’s make sure we keep our country clean. If you drink sachet water, don’t drop it on the floor please. Let’s make sure, we get it right and let’s make sure we teach our kids to do so.”

By: Gameli Hamelo/

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