[dropcap1]K[/dropcap1]wabena Kwabena’s management team has finally responded to recent media publications about their artiste failing to honour a contractual agreement with UK-based Ghanaian events promoter, Gye Nyame Entertainment.

In a release sent to the press today, they’ve indicated their willingness to refund the part payment they received from the promoter.

Read below, full text of what was sent to us.

The story that broke came with details of the contract Gye Nyame Entertainment – the company in the UK and us – KBKB Music signed. And the story says they are going to sue Kwabena Kwabena instead of suing the label that signed the contract on behalf of the artist.

Kwabena Kwabena has no dealings personally with Gye Nyame because he didn’t sign the contract, his label signed it and so why do you want to sue him instead of the label that signed the contract as the story suggested?”

Concerning the artist not showing up in the UK, there was no travel arrangement done so we couldn’t fly to the UK to play the show. If the show was in Tamale and they paid the deposit and fail to secure the traveling tickets, we could afford to fly with our own money to Tamale so the necessary arrangements are done before he hits stage.

Kwabena Kwabena
Kwabena Kwabena

But this is the UK we talking about, you need work permit visas to be able to go and play a show in the UK.  Gye Nyame failed to secure the work permit visas for the artist and his rider“.


The whole problem is that Kwabena Kwabena went to the UK to play a show on the 13th of December and returned to Ghana to play a show he was booked for on the 14th and 17th but Gye Nyame wanted Kwabena Kwabena to stay in the UK from the 13th that he had been in the UK for another show till the 21st December which was illegal because his worked permit will have expired by then.

[/blockquote]We understand it was going to be expensive if we flew down for them to fly us back to the UK but we were obeying the laws of the UK wouldn’t overstay our welcome. So we got to Ghana and asked them to forward to us all the necessary papers so we go for the work permit visas so we can show up for the 21st show but they never sent them.”

So Gye Nyame and KBKB Music reached another possible deal which was to make Kwabena Kwabena travel alone to the UK and they said they were going to send all the necessary documents so we work on the visa by Wednesday 18th which was prior to the Saturday 21st of December.

And they said they could get everything sorted before Monday 16th December so Kwabena Kwabena flies to the UK before the Saturday and we don’t even do that but because Gye Nyame was a charity company and several industry personalities we respect had called Kwabena Kwabena personally to talk him into going for the show which was also not right in a way, but out of the respect we decided to let the artist fly alone to play the show but as Gye Nyame had promised, they couldn’t sort out the travel papers so Kwabena couldn’t fly to play the show.

And now Gye Nyame Entertainment is telling everyone they are suing Kwabena Kwabena for fraud. If you have a deal with an artist’s management and there is breach of contract, you go for the company that breached the contract and not the artist on the label whom you wanted for your show. It’s KBKB Music that signed the dotted lines and not Kwabena Kwabena. So why is Gye Nyame suing Kwabena Kwabena?

If you book an artist and you claim you had his travel arrangements sorted, it means you have his visas ready and work permit ready and why didn’t you put that one too out?.

Now the label has talked to Gye Nyame Entertainment and we have agreed to pay the refund of the deposit but they claim they want to claim damages for not appearing for the show as a headline artist.

The show went on and the fans are not on Kwabena Kwabena’s neck for disappointing them but Gye Nyame wants KBKB Music to pay for damages when they don’t have prove to back why they deserve the damages they are claiming. They say they don’t want a refund.

Gye Nyame also put up the fee agreed for the contract online and we slashed the price to that extent because Gye Nyame begged behind closed doors and we understood they were a charity organization too and had to make it possible for the show to happen.

We charge more than they put online but we understood Gye Nyame Entertainment had that little for the show and so considered.

Gye Nyame says we will hear from their lawyers and we are looking forward to that to show our lawyers to advise us.”

We at KBKB Music want everyone to know Kwabena Kwabena takes instruction from the label and so if you have a problem or whatsoever, you talk or sue the label and not the artist.”

 Statement published unedited

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