Iwan is finally going back to his former label, BullHaus Entertainment, enewsgh.com can confirm. After months of backdoor negotiations and meetings, common sense has finally prevailed

He goes back to a familiar territory that has since been joined by dancehall act Shatta Wale, VIP and NaturalFace.

“It’s possible I might be returning to BullHaus Entertainment soon because after talking about the reconciliation with Bulldog who runs BullHaus entertainment, there’s an interest to come back and work together again as a team,” he’s told this website.

“Already I have my Gideon Force and it’s possibly going to be a partnership thing. Aside that it’s a call to all the clans in dancehall to come together as one.”

“We have had a meeting and will happen any moment from now.”

And to make good his promise of building a strong synergy with his former label, he is releasing a new song “One Love (A letter to Bulldog)”, in the next few hours, to set the tone for a beautiful reunion.

“It’s a song that talks about reconciliation; it’s to clear the air and the fans minds on any clash or rivalry that was between Iwan and Bulldog, Shatta Movement, HighGrade Family, Shatta Movement Family and Mr Logic.”

Iwan also spoke on his recently held One Love End of Year Jam which saw Shatta Wale join him on a stage Iwan to loud cheers.

IWAN at the One Love End of Year Jam

“Honestly I didn’t throw an official invitation to anyone but I put their names on flyers and whoever who felt like showing love to the fans in New Town could come and Shatta Wale came through.”

“Well before Shatta came to stage, his team brought him and we shook hands before he climbed the stage.”

By: Abdullai Ishaak/enewsgh.com


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