Roverman Productions’ Festival Of Plays has taken off. Last weekend, patrons were treated to an entertaining starter on Saturday with the play, “What’s My Name?”

Beautifully woven with wit and reason, playwright Ebo Whyte made his patrons open their mouth wide to laugh at the follies of the country and also swallow nuggets of wisdom in addition.


On Sunday, The Last Fight rocked the innards of the patrons hard with laughter. This is one play that makes everyone forget about themselves and just drown themselves in happy tears. Let me let you in on a little secret, don’t tell anyone I said it.

This is one play that the writer and director admitted he was being “silly” with. Showed you he went out and out to drive home very important points. And boy! It worked. The laughter said it all, the feedback said it all, the applause said it all! No need for second opininion, the audience verified that fact!

Then there was a special dance tribute for Mandela. The cast took the audience on a mind trip to South Africa and gave them a powerful rendition of the popular gumboot dance. It was a perfect tribute that was paid to the fallen hero.

And the applause that followed showed that they enjoyed it fully.


The fun is not over yet.

Catch ‘The Day Dad Came’ on the 1st of January for a perfect New Year’s day treat from Roverman Productions. And then on 4th and 5th January, the festival will end on a graceful note with ‘Apartment N1′ and ‘Men Run Women Cry’ on the 4th and 5th of January respectively.

Tickets are still on sale for 50 Cedis only.

Submitted by: Roverman Productions

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