Barely twenty hours after he officially kicked off Hennessy Artistry’s week-long holiday club-to-club dj tour at the Devino Club in Osu, Manny Norté returns to the same community, for a one-night only event tonight, at the Sisha Lounge.

The event starts at 6pm, and wraps up 2am.

When the best cognac in the world blends with the world’s best musical talents, it is not just an event but a unique, unmissable experience.

Excitement is already building up for a grand invasion of sorts, as he gets to properly set in tune, what the Hennessy Artistry brand is all about.

A experiential brand name that is known for its avant-garde events, the week-long back-to-back, club-to-club tour offers a unique unmissable experience.

Hennessy Artistry continues to deliver the best of entertainment the world over. It’s relationship with the world’s known celebrity faces and names is significant in many ways, and speaks of the brand’s connection with their consumers.

Live 91.9 FM is a media partner for the week-long event. Story


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