When was the last time you heard of or saw actor Albert Kuvodu also known as Daavi oo Daavi, from the popular TV Series “Fresh Trouble”?

Well he’s been around. He tells enewsgh.com in an interview that he is “taking care of himself;, bottom-line.”

We pressed for more.

Dressed casually in a blue T-Shirt and jeans, and sporting grey hairs, he was somewhat coy about granting us an interview, but after some pestering, he succumbed.

He opens up on new projects he’s working on: “Currently we are going to start on TV3 a new TV series called Fon Shop.

Fresh Trouble, the television series that brought him some fame in the early 2000s, is also staging a return he reveals to us.

“We will be coming back with Fresh Trouble Reloaded; that will be next year with some of the old cast , Samini and a few new ones “ he added

On his thoughts on the current state of the movie industry, he adds “We all have our taste .I wouldn’t want to ‘down’ any movie, some people love local and some love the English speaking movies.”

“And we all have our style of presentation, what you might not like doesn’t mean it’s a bad one. So I will say everybody and his taste, that’s it.”

Fon Shop airs on TV3 every Saturday, 3:30pm.

By: Gameli Hamelo/enewsgh.com

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