VGMA 2016: Best Performance? No one in particular…well, except Patch Bay.

  No performance stood out at this year’s VGMAs…not EL, not Sarkodie, not Wizkid. No one! Maybe it’s we the audience, who are to blame. Let me explain, at least attempt to: I don’t know exactly why…maybe it’s because the performances had to be brief, you know, so that we would end on time for […]

VGMA 2016: The night was largely scandal-free; that’s the scandal!

  Let’s admit, the EL announcement caught us all by surprise…EL too. Did you see his face when he was announced as overall winner? In many ways, he saved the night..not necessarily as a laudable opening set, but for winning Artist of the Year.  Else, what would we have to speak about? The show was […]