TV Host Pamela Boateng to premiere new show ‘THE OTHER SIDE’

Broadcast Journalist Pamela Boateng is set to premiere the first season of a new television show dubbed ‘The Other Side.’ ‘The Other Side’ is a 45-minutes interview program only for media personalities (on-air personalities, bloggers, photojournalists, reporters, etc) The aim of this show is to bring our media personalities closer to their audiences. On ‘The […]

#EnewsGhComeUp: Pamela Boateng shoots for the stars

Pamela Boateng is gradually winning the hearts of the many who tune in to First News Network, SpyderLee Entertainment TV and BTA (all on the first digital platforms). In a interview with ENEWSGH, the TV hostess reveals; “I have always wanted to be in the media , but my grandparents were against it. The journey […]