Review-Nkontompo: Obrafour Is a Tired Old Man

  Obrafour is mournful on this Nature produced number. He has always been the one to hold his head and lament, but this song is the saddest I’ve ever felt him. Why is it even possible, how is it even allowed, that as a man approaches the age of legacy, he’s this broken? But Obrafour, […]

REVIEW: Shitor Swagga harks back to a quintessential hip-hop

  Shitor Swagga takes us back to a vintage Ghanaian vibe…a sunsum which feels distinctly like something straight outta Hush Hush.  With every song on Obrafour’s upcoming album, he seems to project something specific. Shitor Swagga’s mission, clearly, is to create a mushy longing for music, rap, of (at least) a decade ago –a specific […]