Shatta Wale endorses photographer Kwabena Awuku in new song

This is the second time the popular celebrity photographer is earning honourable mention in the dancehall giant’s music –the first being on “Umbrella”. This new song on which Shatta endorses Kwabena Awuku is titled “We deh Control Ghana”. Self-produced, it features Shatta Movement militants Captan and Addi Self. “When it comes to images, Awuku is […]

Showbiz photographer Kwabena Awuku explains Shatta Wale’s famous “mighty falls”

These captivating images by celebrity photographer Kwabena Awuku show dancehall singer Shatta Wale in what can only be described as mighty falls. This move (peculiarly taking place during the performance of his song Long Time) has left many befuddled: while some interpret it as an honest fall, others, because of the frequency with which it […]