IMAGES: Zone Three 6 introduces VJ Koko

For someone who has an interest in music, a career as a video disk jockey could be fulfilling and highly remunerative. The job of a video jockey is to provide information on music videos and host music video related contents. A video jockey should have the characteristics of being witty, interactive and updated on the […]

#CokeStudioAfrica: Kenya’s Jaguar covers EL’s Koko

Kenyan star Charles Njagua Kanyi (better-known by his stagename, Jaguar) covers EL’s popular hit Koko for season 4 of the prestigious Coke Studio Africa series. The show also sees EL perform a version of Jaguar’s One Centimeter. The Coke Studio Africa brings top artists from various parts of the continent together to create medleys of […]

Review: EL Tells The Truth in Koko Single.

It is important for rappers to mount their flag and “mark their territory”. After all, it is the very culture of rap music –to be able to brag or significantly hyperbolise the circumstances surrounding their rise to grace –even lie about it minus remorse — just for shegey reasons. It appears to be part of […]