#ENEWSGHAdesa: The Flood – by Michael Thompson

Santa Maria, January 2   The fiery flame was vaporizing my wax; I was growing shorter by the minute. Cached in one corner on a Milo tin on top of an old wall unit between mold-smeared walls and furniture, under rotting window frames, silhouetted against peeling paint flaunting damp patches, my drooling wax was the […]

#ENEWSGHAdesa: THE BABY FENCE-MENDER – by Michael Thompson

On the eighth day after the birth while the moon was yet to evanesce, kinsmen thronged the now famed compound to witness the miracle baby. It was a replica of a shanty town; unplanned cluttered dwellings with very good asphalted roads flanked by open drains. “Did you find it easy to get here. Here, taste […]