I didn’t have a passion for Modelling, I learned to love it – Araba Sey Reveals

Araba Sey, a fast-rising Ghanaian fashion model and brand influencer has shared how she learned to love modelling even though she initially didn’t have a passion for the craft. The model during a recent interview in Nigeria spoke about how she learnt to love modelling, and how people around her inspired her. “Modelling wasn’t something […]

Araba Sey: WE (models) are not sex tools for you to TOY WITH

Models have so much pressure and a lot to offer today. We compete with reality stars, actresses, musicians and top celebrities for magazines and ad campaigns. We wear beautiful and extravagant outfits.We look drop-dead gorgeous and attend high profile events, to most people outside the Modeling Industry, in the world of fashion and beauty it […]