GRANDPAPA’S TALES: Rockstone on Nightlife, Hiplife & His MANY LIVES

Reggie Rockstone cracks a generous nostalgic smile. “Who would have ever thought that these same words that I spoke in ’93, ’94 would become as is today?” his voice a sprightly upspeak. The famous words? “Nightlife in Accra.”  I have invited the hiplife leader to juxtapose between the city’s nocturnal scenes during the early 90s—when […]

2019 VGMAs: Dancehall’s Glory Breeds THE GORY

Stonebwoy has just been announced Reggae/ Dancehall Artist of the Year. The make-shift dome roars as he rises to go receive the plaque (one of the most keenly contested on the night, and Stonebwoy’s fifth time picking it). That very second, Shatta Wale is seen rushing down the stage too, flanked by roused hangers-on. His […]

SAMINI: The Music! The Magic! The Man!

Before we sit, Samini wraps up with the tapeline-bearing stylist who has trailed him here—stretching out both arms for his measurements to be taken. An undertone discourse ensues between both men, interspersed with head nodding and wags of disrelish at a fabric texture or colour suggestion. It is not long before they settle on a […]

Luigi Maclean opens up on Vocals & VGMAs

Luigi Maclean’s rise to mainstream notice has been nothing short of miraculous—an astounding run overseen by an Amazing God. Little wonder that his maiden single bears the same title. Only two years after guesting on mentor Joe Mettle’s Bo Noo Ni (which won 3 awards at the 2018 VGMAs), the touching chanteur now sits among […]

ART OF THE TALE: The Roverman Script

“Let’s take a selfie instead,” proposes James Ebo Whyte. It is infrequent for a 64-year-old to know about selfies, much less take them—but not Whyte, the renowned storyteller with whom I have just wrapped up a conversation—he’s the cool grandpa. He smiles into my camera, eyes glistening with youth. Here in an old playhouse in […]

A Crystal in the Haze: Kathy Sakyi is reshaping the event planning space

For the ever-bubbly Kathy Mirian Sakyi, event planning is not merely an occupation; it’s an actual love affair. I can tell by the blushing of her cheeks—the dreamy sway of her head when she discusses the industry, and the fast-blossoming Crystal Haze Company (which she is CEO of). Also, her husband, whom she constantly describes […]

“Day off” with Sadiq

Stretched out on one end of an L-shaped couch, in a t-shirt and shorts, Sadiq Abdullai Abu points the remote control at the large TV on the wall of his living room. An Afropop music video replaces Leonardo DiCaprio’s frightened face. Sadiq coughs, and then yawns. He clearly hasn’t fully recovered and could use some […]

#3MusicAwards19 – Inside Shatta Wale’s mind

a) Isaiah 45:2 [KJV]: “I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron.” On his way to the Fantasy Dome Saturday night, this scripture has come to him. As a little boy in Sunday school, he […]

Seyi Shay: The duty of an artist is to be flawed

Seyi Shay—flushed in a kind of traje de flamenca with spaghetti sleeves—parries a particularly persistent fly bent on partaking in our conversation, which ensues on the compound of a quiet house on Archer Rd. (Dzorwulu). The insect disappears from around her ear, but it would not be long before it hovers by again. She readjusts […]

An anthem for days – Stonebwoy’s Kpokɛkɛ – A REVIEW

Stonebwoy’s Kpokɛkɛ ditches pity for pomp. It comes from a place where worries don’t get a seat at the high table, and cheer gets defined properly. There are no clothed pretences – the kind that lives, dies and resurrects – in the Instagram search box. The song’s strength is its chill and anthem efficacy. It […]