Knii Lante appraises current trajectory of GH Reggae/ Dancehall [Guest Blog]

A penny for the thoughts of Ghanaian reggae star, KNii Lante (also a doctor and frequent commentator on social and music matters), on recent happenings regarding the genre in this town?   THE WAY GH REGGAE/ DANCEHALL DEY GO … HMMMM The recent bombs associated with the Chris Martin show , JaGhaFest And other shows […]

Here are all the reasons to not miss breakfast

The world is moving at a fast pace, a trend which is increasingly causing people to miss breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Breakfast literally means to ‘break the fast’. Basically, this meal helps to top up the energy stores that the human body has used overnight for repair and renewal. People are […]

HERBALIFE ADVICES: Cooking this Easter? Think of Eggs

Easter is here again with families readying themselves for big feasts during the season. There will be meat. Lots of it. If you have ever thought of making eggs your main protein and not the top-up for your regular meat or fish, here is more to why you need to think of making a difference […]

Live Inside and Win the Ride

The introduction of the ‘Live Inside and Win the Ride’ (LIWTR) competition by Global media Alliance Group- owners of YFM, Happy FM and e. TV Ghana- has succeeded in transforming and remolding the face of reality shows in Ghana because of its unique nature and the fact that it has not been done in the […]

WON SHI JAMA! Feeling Ghana’s sonic pulse

By Sammie Frimpong. It’s a familiar sight: crowds spread out across the terraces of a stadium, soaking up the action taking place on the turf or tracks below. In return, the spectators serve a special, distinctively Ghanaian sound: ‘jama’. It’s a word — and a concept — that’s earned permanence in Ghanaian life over the […]

OSEI KWAME: Weird is Good

I know—the caption looks like a clickbait. What could he possibly be talking about? Your curiosity has already gotten you through the opening line, and I’m sure you would want to continue to unravel what mystery he speaks of. Have you ever heard a rumour about yourself and wondered: “wait what? That’s me? Wow, that’s […]

SAMMIE FRIMPONG: Baring It All – The Story Ebony Never Finished

In life, as in death, Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng and controversy never parted. In many ways, she was “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” She, known better by her stage name ‘Ebony Reigns’, was — and probably still is — a character of the sort Ghanaian showbiz hasn’t seen since Daddy Lumba in […]

Ghana-Norway-Ghana: ‘Burger’ Leo Revisits Ghanaian Roots via sLimBO

In January, Oslo-based artiste Leo sent a video greeting to one of Ghana’s most recognized producers: sLimBO. “sLimBO, I am waiting for you to contact me. I really like you and you have to hit me up,” he said. Today, they work together. sLimBO, who is also an artiste, is an uncontested talent in the […]

TRAVELOGUE: “It’s expensive buying furniture”

By Ayuel Maluak   “Travel Shoes” “One day you’re 17 and planning for someday…” goes a cliché from a hit T.V series from my high school days called “One Tree Hill”. I pondered on a decade wondering how much changed since then. From those evenings spent in a cyber café, to whole days learning and […]

HUGADEM: Reviewing Nature, Sounds and Colors

Sitting behind a desk on a cool Sunday evening,  it became extremely important to begin this review as close to perfect, as I could.  I had met with Kofi and Nyornuwofia Agorsor a few hours ago, at their home in Accra. Despite the time spent at the space which could be best described, as an […]