Poetra Asantewa, the famed Ghanaian spoken word act, has shared her very first album, The Anatomy of a Paradox.

The project, released independently, serves 11 songs addressing a gamut of subject matters; adulthood and self confidence, love, spirituality, feminism, and why “this country will kill you.” A mixture of spoken word, rap, and singing, the work arrives four years after her impressive EP, Motherfuckitude; The Naked Ones.

Among titles off The Anatomy are Hey Faith, Dear Nalorm, H(Angry), Dear Lover, and F- Word. The album guests a sole guest: Rapper Fu.

“My creative process starts internally- I carry ideas in my head for weeks, sometimes months; debating and fine-tuning the idea itself,” submits Asantewa about the work in a video promo.

“I write, and rewrite and rewrite and rewrite, before I share with potential collaborators. I rehearse over and over before each studio time. And so when we record in two takes, it’s because I’ve done 20 takes in my bedroom. All those hours count,” she further states.

Poetra was born Ama Asantewa Diaka, and has over the years, built an impressive career of international repute, being profiled by the BBC, presenting at the Goethe Institut,Ghana, as well as being named a 2016 OneBeat fellow.

Get the album here.

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