Trigmatic will, this month, take his “My Life Concert” The gig scheduled for Friday, March 22 at the  Ol Lady’s Sports Bar & Lounge.

Trig is yet to announce other artists who’ll be joining him on stage that night.

Currently working on his 4th studio album, the musician, who recently retired from radio, is rumoured to be readying new music this in coming weeks; among them, a joint with Joey B. His team has, also expressed hope of seeing him in several categories of the upcoming VGMAs.

Trigmatic is often listed among the most versatile and socially conscious voices of his generation. His live performances have also proven a beloved feature about his craft, catapulting him to the first rank of live band practitioners in the country.

Trigmatic has been active since 2007, and has published Stains on a Cloth (mixtape), Permanent Stains, SOUL-u-TIONS, as well as M.A.T.I.C.

He’s also recipient of several laurels including  VGMA Best Rapper of the Year (2011) and Record of the Year (2014),  Best Dancehall Song of the Year (BASS Awards 2014), Best Special Effect Video (4Syte Music Video awards, 2013), Best Practice Dubai Award, among others.

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