Barely a week to the 62nd independence anniversary of Ghana, Twitter is alive with #1759Celebrates1957 as users attempt listing 62 icons, monuments, foods, slang and things that make us truly Ghanaian.

The #1759Celebrates1957 conversation has been trending for some time now and has caught along so much that popular sports journalist Gary Al-Smith was not left out as he thanked God for foods like waakye, kenkey and gob3. User @the_art_of_elle couldn’t be more proud to be Ghanaian as the country draws closer to celebrating its 62 independence anniversary. @haynat500 on his part, wants to relive his heydays as he remembers his pilolo days – a typical Ghanaian hide and seek game.

The question on everyone’s lips now is who started the hashtag and what do the numbers in the hashtag mean?

One thing for sure is that, 1957 is Ghana’s independence and word on the street is that 1759 is attributed to Guinness which was established in 1759.

As we inch to Independence Day, our eyes are keen on knowing what this #1759Celebrates1957 is all about. Until then, share what makes you Ghanaian. Join the conversation in celebrating what makes us Ghanaians.

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