Listen to “Mehia Wo Yesu,” a new hymn by award-winning minister, Joe Mettle. Translating as “I need  you, Jesus,” the number, produced by fellow gospel musician, Kofi Owusu Dua Anto (KODA) of the KODED Studios, sees Mettle in utmost supplication to Jesus–author and finisher of his faith.

A moving worship song which is already garnering wide acclaim and possesses crossover potential, the number is accompanied by highly polished Willdrey-directed visuals that interpret expertly the message of eventual redemption for those who consider Jesus ultimate refuge.

Born Joseph Oscar Mettle, and active since 2011, the singer runs the Reverb Studios (under which the single is released, and which is now home to Luigi Maclean) and is leader of the Joe Mettle Ministries.

Mettle has been named winner of multiple laurels (including the topmost spot of the 2016 Ghana Music Awards) is also promoting “My Everything,” (released in August 2018). He’s authored four albums so far, and has been associated with top Ghanaian names as Danny Nettey, Nii Okai, KODA, Joe Beecham, Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Eugene Zuta among others.

His last album, “God of Miracles” was released in 2016.

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