MultiChoice Africa announces that its flagship the MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) programme will roll out the highly-anticipated MTF Masterclasses powered by various industry partners as part of the shared value initiative’s three touchpoints alongside the MTF Academy and the soon-to-be launched industry networking portal.

The MTF Masterclasses will present the industry with “BEST IN CLASS” workshops to increase MTF’s upskilling outreach to established film and TV industry professionals. The Masterclasses are aimed at developing technical skills of established creatives in cinematography, audio and storytelling to improve the quality of local productions and will be rolled out this from this January in various countries.

The upcoming workshop, which will be open to invited members of the film and TV industry from around the continent who aspire to take their craft to the next level, will be workshopped over the course of two days. These will be led by well-respected subject matter experts including South African director and producer Bobby Heaney, reputable sound consultant from Dolby India, Vikram Joglekar, pan-African storytelling and creative consultant Allison Triegaardt, award-winning Kenyan film producer Appie Matere, Jonathan Kovel the cinematographer behind the award-winning South African film Ayanda. Additionally, a special MTF Masterclass on Nollywood will be workshopped by Femi Odugbemi, Nigerian film and TV industry expert and Academy Director for MTF Academy West Africa.

We are excited about the launch of this next touchpoint of MTF as it reaffirms our commitment to supporting the industry and promoting sustainability in the industry by creating shared value across the business through quality programming for our customers and Enriching Lives,” Cecil Sunkwa Mill, Managing Director, Multichoice Ghana.

The first MTF Masterclass in Ghana will take place on the 19 January at the state of the art Black City Studio, located in Pig Farm, Accra. Twenty sound engineers from various Television and Movie Production outfits will be taken through an interactive sound session by Vikram Joglekar, a veteran sound consultant with Dolby Laboratories. The selected engineers will be taken through: Surround Sound Design for Film & Television, Selection and positioning microphones in sound design, and Adding interest and texture to Audio Recording.

The MTF Masterclasses will be presented with the support from Dolby Laboratories and FOX Portugal which both play a crucial role in priming the MTF Academy students as key players in the growth and sustainability Africa’s creative film and television industry.

“The success of these MTF Masterclasses will, over time, deliver a more professionalized, networked film and television industry across Africa and an expanded community of highly- skilled professional who are passionate about creating quality home-grown content,” concludes Cecil Sunkwa Mills.

Vikram Joglekar – Vikram is a veteran sound consultant, who has worked in with Dolby Laboratories, a US-company specialising in audio noise reduction and audio encoding and compression, for over 20 years. Born in India, Vikram, who is currently Senior Marketing Manager, Content Relations India at Dolby, started his career in cinema audio, working as a Dolby sound consultant and has been involved in the transition from mono to surround sound in cinema in India that took place in the 1990s. Vikram continued to work for Dolby in Italy for 12 years and moved back to India in 2011, where he worked with various broadcast houses facilitating surround content production. Based in Mumbai, Vikram has worked on film sets as a consultant, sound designer, composer and more for movies likes Road, Movie in 2009 and 2008 Italian biographical drama film based on the figure of former Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti, titled Il Divo.



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