PICHA Stock in collaboration with BLQ, USL Express Print & Copy, Furnart and Signature Lifestyle present
the Future Focus Exhibition this December. This photographic exhibition aims to provide African
photographers with a platform to prove that local creatives are more than capable of producing work worthy
of global attention. All work will be for sale.

AFROFUTURISM: A movement in literature, music, art, etc., featuring futuristic or science fiction themes
which incorporate elements of black history and culture.

Taking place on the first Thursday of December 2018, the Accra event will feature interpretations of the
“Afrofuturism” concept by photographers from across the continent. The final selection of images has been
curated by Daron Bandeira, Ghana-based art director and founder of the contemporary creative platform,
Afrobougee. Guests will be able to enjoy a panel discussion with prominent local creatives covering
Afrofuturism and the African visual creative sphere as a whole.

Identical exhibitions will launch in Cape Town, South Africa and Nairobi, Kenya in partnership with Fujifilm
SA, Cameraland Cape Town, Ground Art Caffe, sofacompany.com and Quality Frames Africa.

PICHA provides image buyers with access to royalty-free stock photography of Africa and custom content
creation services that help them tell authentic visual stories and connect with their audiences. We work
closely with local photographers to empower creatives across our continent by showing them how they can
earn a living from their art. The brand is driven by visual content that showcases a contemporary side of
Africa and people of the African diaspora.


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