It’s been a long while.

Lots of days.

Lots of nights.

Now that I step a foot into this room again, the memories have flooded me like a lot of rain.

I see what’s new in here is that I was away for many full years;

Dust has found no edges and has clouded here in my full glare.

The spiders have put up their masts and their webs wore me like a mask.

But now that I’m back and here, how about I dust all the misfortunes away.


Hey there! My lovely dress.

It’s been a long while since I hanged you there.

I see you’ve grown with a subtle flare.

And now that the old times are coming back here, how about I mend and fix your fallen buttons;

So I put you on, throw in some shade for you to catch me some stares;

For old time sake.


Hey there! My old habits.

It’s been a long while.

I’m here now so let’s get back.

But let me ask, will a taste of you kill me?

Well, I’m uncertain so how about I keep you locked in the cupboard so I go live a different kind of wild and free.

And unless you can get out to prove otherwise then in there you will be.



It’s my old car.

It’s been a long while.

You look exhausted but your engine still sounds sweet.

Six horses with no feet.

How about you sharing your last miles with me;

Your edgy tyres rolling once more on the streets to the sunset beach.


It’s been a long while but I’m back home and since;

I have cleaned the closet;

Found my old clothes and treated it well like it’s from a new closet.

I have thrown on some shades and a pair of trousers.

And I have made it well to purge my old and really bad habits.

I have found the keys to my old car and it has a couple of miles to spare.

One thing seems missing.

Oh, there alas!

I meet him.

My good old friend.

It’s been a long while, how about you hop on.

There are some more memories to make and old ones to spend.

My old car has some miles to go and this journey was before for me alone.

But now that I have found you, how about we go together and make it great for us both.

For old time sake.


Asford Psalms





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