Puzzled, a new series starring actress Lydia Forson premieres on Accta-based TV3, October 26, 2018.

A production Forson has called her toughest role in over ten years, Puzzled is the fourth major series she has starred in, after her appearance in the likes of ‘Scandal’‘Hotel St. James’ and ‘In The Street’.

In the series, Forson plays Korkor Cofie, “the society’s definition of a successful advocate – brilliant, charismatic, charming, elegant and passionate. With her team at Kork & Co, she defends and fights for the rights of children, youth and persons with disabilities at all costs” says an official summary.

“Korkor and her team are renowned across the city but it becomes clear that their seeming perfect lives, is a mirage in their personal lives, and as it is in the office, Korkor is the boss,” it further reads.

Speaking to News—One back in June, Forson submitted that her time onset was a great experience, especially because she got to play lawyer: “this is like one of my best sets I have been on. It is fun because I am enjoying every bit of my role as lawyer and also the experience on set,” she said.

A producer, writer, and fashion icon, Lydia Forson, who’s recipient of multiple awards, and star of many movies. She’s also an outspoken feminist.

Puzzled airs at 8pm.

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