Legendary Ghanaian rap act, Jerry “Okomfo Kwadee” Anaba, has recounted  with hilarity, the reason for his being expelled from high school in 1999.

During a nostalgia-inducing radio interview with Hitz FM’s Andy Dosty Friday morning —which saw the rapper discuss a variety of issues ranging from his creative process, erroneous allegations about him using drugs, rehab, people biting his style, and his return to active music, the wordsmith and wit maestro, in quintessential fashion, related a goat theft story that led to he and a number of classmates being expelled from school. Unsurprisingly, the story sparked belly laughs across the radio studio in which the interview ensued, and the thousands of people listening in.

Kwadee recounted that the incident even made newspaper headlines on February 19, 1999. “We stole the goats because we were hungry”, he said in jest, responding to Dosty’s question about the reason he was sacked.

Hugely anticipated, the interview saw the rapper premiere new music on radio, off his forthcoming album, “Gye W’ani,” which translates as “be happy.” It also saw an outpouring of goodwill messages from fellow musicians, media personalities, and fans alike.

Author of timeless hiplife joints such as ‘Aboro ne Bayie’, ‘Ataa Adwoa’, ‘Ka Wo Nan To So,’ Kwadee is originality in his craftsmanship and infectious storytelling acuity. Several new-age rappers cite him as a key musical influence, and his return, which follows a recent visit to  theWilling Ways Foundation Rehabilitation Centre, has been heavily looked forward to.

Kwadee, days ago, performed at the 2018 RTP Awards.

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