It’s all one big jungle if you think about it.

And I’m not only talking about the greens and tall trees;

Bugs and wild fleas;

Or living in caves and dressed in leaves.

I consider as well, the concrete jungle we live in.

Its tall estates which seem to kiss the skies;

Scattered settlements that prefers concrete to roots as a floor style;

Dressing in suit and tie;

Galloping for one thing and gallivanting for another.

There seem to be a lot of things happening all at once.

And at the end, the lot is drawn for either of two;

To live by your weight or to survive by your wits.

It is characteristic of the bigger beings to live by their size and the bulldozing strength of their weight in order to live at the top ranks of the chain;

But for the little guy, to survive must be by your wits and instinct.

The stories of Ananse can never be in doubt as good testament;

Let to the lions and the elephants or any which one above, the bugs, rats and all those in between will only be worthy to live down their bellies.

So it’s either you are big or small; in the concrete jungle or not, the option among the lot is to live with your weight or to survive by your wits.


Asford Psalms.


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