It is better to own a smaller piece of a bigger pie than the entire piece of a small pie in commerce.

But with matters of conquest, it is best to be the one and only than to be one amongst the many.

In such fares, men shall grow the lengths to an uneven field;

To be at war with gods in order to achieve same extents.

He will wither not his thoughts neither will he sibilate his words nor mute his actions.

Call him a fool for his coup de foudre,

But your aspersions will not fold his heart unless he by himself sees reason.

And for that, never doubt the edges of blurred lines in the heart of a person who is in love for a being or a thing.

For the lines will further be blurred and affinity to fight gods shall get bigger;

Because to him, nothing else will matter.

If it comes down to quantifying emotions, particularly that which has to do with love, know with certainty that it will be too big compact.

And in his mind’s eyes’, he will think out of his box and act illogically.

After all, whatever it is, is worth fighting for.


Asford Psalms

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