To fix general lack of understanding in supply chain management field in Africa, the Managing Director of Lanele Group, Lwazi Mtshali has donated some supply chain books to Ghanaian institutions.

The books were presented at the official launch of the second edition of the world’s first compendium on Supply Chain Management (SCM) at Labadi Beach in Accra. The Second Edition of the book titled “Executive Insights Series: Compendium of Supply Chain Management Terms” contains thousands of detailed definitions and information to help the public and private sector officials understand and apply aspects of supply chain management thinking to their respective values chains, support industrialization and competitiveness, and improve service delivery quality.

Lanele Group is a South Africa private company with a track record in the downstream

oil, gas and energy sector. Its track record spans the manufacturing, wholesaling and distribution of fuels both locally and through imports. The company has a presence in refining and petroleum fuels infrastructure as well as the trading of petroleum products.

The MD of Lanele said the book has come at a right time to give direction to professional, policy makers and the business community on effectives supply and value chain principles.

“In Africa what we’ve been doing is just buying; not procuring and not strategically sourcing hence our dear old continent has become a dampen ground for fake, for counterfeit products. If we do not change our mindset through supply chain thinking how are we going to be able to create the much-needed jobs for the youth of today and tomorrow; it’s because of the lack of supply chain thinking. Now it’s not just a Ghana problem or African problem; there is a general lack of understanding of supply chain management,” he said.

He added that the terms, definitions and concepts of the book are not only important for understanding the role of Supply Chain Management for Ghana’s development, but also to provide insights into how to potentially improve value chain efficiencies, achieve manufacturing and industrial competitiveness and accelerate growth and development in various sectors of the economy.

The handbook can be found in schools like Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, Stanford, Manchester and also African business schools. Prof. Douglas Boateng is an International Professional certified Chartered Director and an adjunct academic. Independently recognised as one of the vertical specific global strategic thinkers on supply chain management.

The compendium has been supported and endorsed by leading public and private sector organisations across Africa including and in South Africa and Ghana: the Association of African Business Schools, the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, University of South Africa (UNISA), UNISA Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL-UNISA) South Africa’s State Enterprises Procurement Forum (SOEPF), the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, the United Nations World Food Programme, among others.

The launch was sponsored by Labadi Beach Hotel, Ghana Revenue Authority and Exim Bank.


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