At the very top of a mountain’s peak is the very least of my problems I speak.

At the deep end of the ocean’s bed is the very beginning of what I cannot mend.

By the wits of the faceless wind is the very thing that hits mine unending.

At the end of my cheer is the beginning of my woes.

And within my woes is a couple of family and friends who are deep within them, my foes.

With the very souls that I seek some comfort are the same that suck me into holes of discomfort.

With the same heart the gives me joy is the very thing that keeps me coiled.

Behind the mirror is the reflection of myself and another me.

Deep within my thoughts is good and in same, the planting of my evil weeds.

Deep within this all is a troubled me.

I am at despair but how far am I to a point of no return?


Asford Psalms.

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