When it was released in 2003, “Kwani Kwani” became a longstanding staple, serving as dance floor pulse, and considered a classic by many. 15 years later, hiplife veteran Tic Tac, the song’s author, seeks to summon the nostalgia it now drips of, to relive the glory of the joint — or a shadow of it, at least.

Now trading simply by the showbiz name, Tic, Nana Kwaku Okyere Duah (as he was born) partners Lynx’s Kuami Eugene, who steers the new wave, for a a new version —calling it “Part 2.” The motive of this collaboration —which is to tap into Eugene’s current clout— may be met, but the song proves a tepid attempt at tinkering one of Tic’s bedrock offerings.

The song, which marks Tic’s second partnership with an inmate of Richie Mensah’s label (the other being “Pene Mame,” released April 3, and featuring KiDi) sees Eugene recycle instrumentation, lyric, and cadence from his own recent hit, “Wish Me Well” —so that it feels more like a continuation of that work, rather than “Kwani Kwani.”

Accompanying visuals for the song, published under Tic’s TNR Music,  were directed  by 5teven Films.



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