Before you talk, listen;

If not to anyone, the right inner man.

Before you listen, think.

So you are not misled by that same man.

Before you think, keep an open mind.

Lest you place yourself blind;

Clouded by a vine of possibilities of which the negatives will outweigh the positives.

If your intention is to create a raft by your speech or with your actions, then do none of these.

Because words are expensive and actions are not less in the same description.

The lines in life’s pages are blur, so if you wouldn’t keep an open mind, think and listen before you talk or write your actions in life’s pages;

And it causes a scare or a scar, be candid to apologize and be fair.

That’s the simple hypothesis for the everyday life.

Because it is better to breathe in air and not hate;

Share a smile and not a heartless frown;

Share some love with an endless bound;

So that everyday life would be fairly sound.


Asford Psalms

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