Signed to BlackStar SR Entertainment, Imoro Andani Junior, trading by the showbiz name TightFist  was born in Tamale in 1992, and grew up in Accra, possessing a strong passion for soccer. This led him to relocate to Europe at age 16 to chase his football dreams in France and Germany.

Aside being a talented athlete, TightFist has always been musically inclined, His friends noticed this side of him early, and encouraged him to focus on it.

Before moving to Europe to play football, TightFist had been writing his own raps —something which started at 14 — and began recording.

In Europe, he published his debut single, “Number One”, following it up with “Easy does It”, and now, “Guidance”. According to him, he wrote this particular song in during a 7—month stint in the hospital, thus from Early November 2017 till the end of May 2018. He reportedly didn’t expect to be released without being handicapped as he was living on one lung — even fearing death at a point.

“Guidance” will be officially released in Ghana September 3. 


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