The Africa Film Academy (AFA) is proud to announce a workshop in partnership with The International Film School of Cuba (EICTV) in Kigali at AMAA 2018.

A 4-day workshop under the esteemed tutelage of Rebecca Roos, guest lecturer at EICTV will focus on visual story telling for both fiction and documentary films. The intensive workshop will entail theoretical basics and practical exercises, pitching and the production of a few short films.

An Animation class will be presented by Edward Lapang, Nigerian animator, painter and motion graphics artist. His goals are to place an emphasis on the creation of quality animation and special effects in the African film and television industries.

Cuba’s world renowned International Film and Television School (EICTV) was founded by a group of intellectuals, led by Columbian writer Gabriel García Márquez, Argentinian poet Fernando Birri and Cuban filmmaker Julio García Espinosa, leading figures in Latin American debates about revolutionary and politically committed art.

Its initial aim was to support the development of national audio-visual industries in countries that lacked the infrastructure or resources to train their own professionals.

Representatives from the film school will present certificates to the students that complete the workshop and will also take part in round table discussions sharing their knowledge in how to train filmmakers within an industry that lacks infrastructure or resources.

The film school has attracted many renowned international filmmakers as visiting teachers for master classes and workshops including the likes of Werner Hertzog, Francis Ford Copolla and Stephen Spielberg.

They maintain its objective: to train artists of a high aesthetic and technical level with an ethical concept, capacity for dreaming, critical vision of the world, deep concern and positive position against injustice and oppression.

The Africa Film Academy (AFA) was established as an initiative of the Osigwe Aniyam-Osigwe Foundation. Founded in 1999 to Honour the new African sage philosopher Chief Emmanuel Onyechere Aniyam-Osigwe, the non-profit organization, was set up by the Foundation as the vehicle to enhance creative energy of Africa’s growing youth population.

As part of its core mission the AFA uses the medium of filmmaking as a tool for community development to train aspiring artists in all aspects of filmmaking: acting, writing, directing and producing motion pictures all across Africa.

As an annual celebration of the brightest and the best in African movies, the AFA hosts the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) which is the biggest gathering of movie makers across Africa and the Diaspora.

Many of the films produced to date continue to tell our stories and have served as a shared collective experience and reminder that Africa is a vibrant continent with colour, energy and endless possibilities.


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