From afar the tall trees at the base seem to be holding the mountains deep into the skies;

The vegetation covers it’s nakedness;

And the marching clouds kisses the peak of mountain’s mounds.

Deep within it is a creature who is not even half the size of a tree it shares the same age with.


At the river bed, the creatures that be, live in the own world by their own rules;

But a creature greater than them seem not to understand the concept of sleep.

It is constantly impatient for the other creatures to properly breed.


My sight at the beach is caught by how far the ocean expands.

It seem not to have an end but my eyes can only see till it horizon.

It’s wiggling waves dancing to the tune of the wind;

It’s sweating face simmering to the heat of the sun has never been left alone;

Sailing on it’s waves is this tiny creature who takes what he likes from the ocean and creates what’s not needed in return.


Up above my head is a flight of birds as majestic as the word itself.

But there is this creature who is bound to the ground yet, creates it’s own bird which he rides on, in the air.

And the err is not comparable to that which he brews on land.

The noise, the choices and with its loud voice he commands no other thing to speak after him.

That creature.


There’s always that creature.

A tiny speck among creation,

And from the universe point of view and the unique verses of events, he’s rampant to make things negligible.


Deep beneath the covers of the mountain is that creature ripping the clothes of the mountains to it’s naked bends.

He exploits the river and ocean to exhaustion.

But a day is coming that he won’t be able to breathe the air because to be fair, it shall be ridden with his errs.

What he does on land, the least said the better.

The day of reckoning shall prevail when he will be hungry;

And it will not be entirely because there are many mouths but because what’s left can’t be eaten.

Then, that creature should ask the question and answer to itself;

How did I get here?


Asford Psalms.






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