We are the objects of our genes.

The subject is, we are slaves to it.

Our entirety is the projection of the tiny structures and cells that holds us.

Howbeit, we are barred by structures and in cells.

We are prisoners if you ask me.

What we are is as a result of what makes us.

The good, the bad;

Our strength, our weaknesses;

Our perfection and imperfections are all effects of the results of what makes us.

If it were for the good parts; good works; kind hearts and all, everything will just be right.

But the other part lurks in the veins of man.

And with that, great destruction evaded the living race even till date and certainly into the unforeseeable future which we may already have foreseen.

However, we cannot dwell on gloomy perspectives of humanity lest we wish brewing the monstrosity of man to the finest ebb.

In as much as man is a slave to what makes them up, surely, there are at least some memories in times past of when he pulled through with goodness, love and hope.

I perceive not to be quick to discount man and the future to be doom although the very innate is of self-survival and gratification.

Because the moment I loose faith in my hope for a good day someday; or in the humanity of man then I perceive the future to be impossible and with it I create a real monster out of humanity who will tomorrow almost impossible.


Asford Psalms

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