The whispers of the night wind puts the birds to rest;

The sun gets weary of our faces and shines elsewhere;

The clouds of the night dances to attract the glitters of the moon to the sky’s floor;

The sparkles of the infinite stars beholds beauty in our eyes and love from the moon’s light spreads across the room.

Yet, none comparable to the whispering echoes of your voice in my ears;

The warmth of your body resting in my arms;

The embrace of your smile;

The glitters in your eyes;

The hex of your kisses.

None is comparable to the beauty of your love which suffers no weary of me;

My stubbornness; my self; my best weakness

and my unwarranted meekness.

So tonight, as before, don’t be weary of me.

Once more, lay beside me.

Come into my arms and curl into them so your warmth cuddles my soul, and mine will lay yours unfold.

Curl into my arms for my heart needs to feel yours beat; and my head needs to rest while your scent unfolds into the air I breathe.

Lay with me, let my head and heart engage yours in a causerie of how serious tomorrow may be.

Lay with me so we set ourselves into glee.





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