And now, we plow

The darkness above the wide & silently roaring ocean

And all we hear are the footfalls

Of your indelible rhythm & passion in wander


Indeed, the night is dark!

Yes, the night is umbraly dark yet, we still

See the footprints

Of your soles on the back of the silent waves


Alas, we confirm:

Today, who no know go know;

That you are

The rhythm which runs through the African poema


That you are

The ancient cast of the resurrected stage

Who re-birthed & outdoored

The musicality in this land’s poeisia


That yes, you are!

— you are Atukwei—the Nile that never finishes even at where it ends!




Umbraly—‘adjectivised’ form of ‘Umbra’.

“who no know go know”—those unaware shall be aware (popularly used by Prof. Atukwei okai)

Poema/ poeisia—poem as termed in Greek/Latin


Credit: Oswald Okaitei (

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