Soon enough the long journey shall be short.

The distance between now and then is quite a length around the world and back- again; and again; and again.

A lot of miles and certainly a lot of kilometers too.

But this path is to be threaded once and no more.

So between now and then, there’s much to beseech and enjoy.



When the sun sets off from the east and his warmth embraces the horizon just above the mountain’s peak.

The birds seated on twigs and those dancing in the wind melodiously singing into my ears.

Without a choice, I wake by the rooster’s crow to ranging possibilities of a new day;

Whether it’s a day to work or not, I count it all joy.

I wake from my sleep in fear of not knowing tomorrow to listening to the tales the birds sing thus, near.

When the sun gets to its peak and it’s not the day to tire, the dry sands at the beach are welcoming to my feet.

It’s such a sight to beseech; the ocean simmers by the sun’s rays but never a day has it dried away;

The wiggling waist of the ocean’s waves hits both my feet and rocks all the same.

Between now and then, there’s surely much to beseech and enjoy, more than the ocean and its waves;

The beauty of creation in all estates.



The dawn of a new day;

The transition between seasons;

The birth of a living being;

The flowering of a bud and the prancing of bees around same;

The beauty of a feminine soul, her carefully contoured outline and meandered body.

The architecture of man’s creation.

The hidden truths and secrets of nature;

The complexity and equal simplicity of cloaked knowledge of how many things work.

The union of two kindred spirits or one with a supreme power.

The juts of failure and the blues of success.

The sourness of truth and the sweet taste of lies.

Oh, see how time flies when there’s so much to say;

But whatever be the case, I shall express it one at a time, each and every day.

So between now and then, there’s so much more to beseech, enjoy and yearn.

Between now and then, there’s so much more to love and learn.




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