Award winning TV show, Celebrity Fanzone, held the second edition of its “Townhall Meeting” at Presbyterian Boys Senior High School (PRESEC) —Legon, on Friday June 22, 2018.  Chantelle Asante and Akosua Hanson, regular comperes of the show, played host to celebrity guest Jay-so, and Dr Senyo, a Ghanaian medical doctor.

The guests, both old students of PRESEC, focused on the theme, “A step into Manhood…Let’s Talk Grooming”, and shared some of their experiences growing up as teenagers and their transition into manhood. They challenged the perception most people have about manhood, arguing that being a man involves more than just having male genitalia. Being a man means “handling your responsibilities,” they told the young students.

The guests elaborated on the biological and psychological factors that affect young boys at their age. They shared their own personal experiences during their stay in PRESEC and how they managed to overcome those challenges.

“When you are at your foundation level, you don’t have to show that you know everything. See yourself to be original, don’t try to imitate anybody, be true to yourself, don’t force yourself to be what you are not and try to be the greatest person not the next person”, said Jay-So.

Dr Senyo told the students that every adolescent at a certain point in their life feels the need to be with the opposite sex which is very natural and shouldn’t be treated with abhorrence.

“It is part of growing up, your hormones develop which you can’t control, they make you want to be with the opposite sex. And those who are not able to manage those hormones end up engaging in sexual activities. You just have to take time because it is not yet time to engage in such acts yet”, Dr Senyo added.

After the hour-long discussion, the floor was opened for questions from the students, which were appropriately answered by the hosts and guests.

The third edition of the town hall meeting will be held in September. The Celebrity Townhall meeting is powered by Celebrity Fanzone, Nivea and AE Media.

Check out the town hall meeting below:



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