Ghana’s budding singer Kati G has released her original titled, ‘Na You’ featuring Reynolds The Gentleman.


The expected hit is a song that defines all meanings and aspects of love with mindboggling lyrics which take one to a higher level of love.


“Sometimes we forget to define the meaning of our relationships or the meaning of who our partners are to us.  If we can’t think of it or say it, this new song does it for us,” the budding singer said ahead of the released.


Prior to this song, the former radio producer and voice-over expert has released successful cover songs such as ‘You & Me’ by Joey B, and ‘Skintight’ by Mr Eazy, Flavor’s ‘Baby You’ and Tekno’s Pana

But why is the soothing voice going originally this time?


“I woke up one morning and decided I needed an original.  I sought out the help of my friend and business acquaintance Greg Ankrah, Managing Partner and Founder of BookME World. At that time he was working for a highly spiritual as a manager. Greg being that cool friend, told me he can get me a song produced by Kaywa of Highly Spiritual.


“He sent me 3 songs to choose from and that was the song I heard and fell in love with it. I wrote the song in less than a week, with the help of my producer Sammy Qube and Reynolds The Gentleman, together we gave birth to an incredible, heart touching song,” the youngster revealed.

Listen to the song below:

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