Ten companies were last Friday honoured at the second edition of the Ghana Beverage Awards (GBA) held at the Swiss Spirit (Alisa) Hotel in Accra.

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (FES), was adjudged Product of the Year and Beer of the Year while Manufacturer of the year went to Coca Cola Bottling Company. Fruit Juice of the year went to Blue Skies and Energy Drink of the year was swept by Storm Energy.

GBA is an awards scheme which aims at honouring excelling beverage stakeholders in Ghana for their contribution to the country’s economy.

The CEO of Global Media Alliance, Mr. Ernest Boateng, revealed in his speech that, “It is evident that there are exciting times ahead for the Ghana Beverage industry and as a company, we see a very positive outlook in the coming year”.

Special Guest of honor for the event, CEO of the Ghana Investments Promotion Centre (GIPC), Mr. Yoofi Grant, expressed his excitement about the support of made-in-Ghana products through the event. He impressed on beverage companies to be inspired to do even more with the introduction of this awards scheme. He also expressed government’s support for the industry.

Activities at the event included a spectacular jazz performance by Mizter Okyere.

Organised by Global Media Alliance, the second edition was themed “Inspiring Excellence in the Ghana Beverage Industry”.

Global Media Alliance collaborated with recognised institutions such as the Food Research Institute (FRI) under CSIR, Consumer Protection Agency (CPA), Food and Beverage Association of Ghana (FABAG) and the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA).

The event brought together different stakeholders in the Beverage industry.

It was also supported by Daily Guide, Daily Heritage, Today Newspaper, Citi FM, Atinka TV, ETV Ghana, YFM, Happy FM.



  1. Product of the Year – Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (FES)
  2. Beer of the year – Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (FES)
  3. Water of the year – Bel Aqua
  4. Manufacturer of the year – Coca Cola Bottling Company
  5. CSD of the year – Coca Cola Bottling Company
  6. Chocolate/Cocoa/Milk Beverage of the year – VitaMilk
  7. Spirit of the year – Castle Bridge
  8. Fruit  Juice of the year – Blue Skies
  9. CSR Beverage of the year – Coca Cola
  10. Energy Drink of the year – Storm Energy



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