Trying to find fullness in a bottle of whisky has a case in point.

Trying to find fulfilment in a glass of whisky on rocks has its case in point.

The more you pour, drink and drown whatever it is down, you sure would have emptied it all;

The negative side of your balance will beam down, the worry will be shortly unwinding.

The positive will make you light and eased on.

You may over and over again replace the empty bottle with a full one and cheer that which hexes you in the glass all day;

Drown away your worry and your senses altogether.

But at the point when rum gets finished and the glass is empty, reality won’t diminish.

Reality will find its weight and at a very fast pace.

And then the scale will change to before-

An empty glass equals an empty soul.

You will be back to the same old you;

Case in point, you will be definitely on rocks.


Asford Psalms

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