Above the mountain, a man sees everything so little as though ants.

On the ground, everything seems otherwise.

What you think you have is an illusion of what you don’t have.

Likewise, is what you have an illusion of the otherwise.


A man with power is above the mountains.

His delusions make everything seem like ant.

A man on the ground sees everything otherwise and is illusioned into believing he’s without power.

But power itself is an illusion.

An illusion that deludes a man into believing he’s with authority.


Power is overrated.

It’s an incorrect assumption of authority.

A roof may be the forebearer of rain water.

But the thrusters beneath directs the path of the runoff rain.

A roof may shield-off the rain of sun rays.

But is that the only accountable factor to the conducive convection within?


A man who is deluded by his illusion of power forgets the authority of the thrusters which lay within it’s shadows.

That which is strategically positioned in the shadows of the delusions of power is what is truly real.

That’s authority.


Power is mostly an incorrect assumption of authority.


Asford Psalms

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