Musician King Promise, born Gregory Bortey Promise Newman, has stated that he is not a fan of going on dates explaining that he prefers to rather stay home all day.

King Promise on Celebrity Fanzone, which aired last Saturday on GH One, revealed that he has never had a girlfriend and has gone on three dates all his life.

“I have never gone on dates. I have been on two dates my whole live because I have never had a girlfriend. The first time I went on a date was three years ago and it happened twice after,” he disclosed.

“I will order the ‘waakye’ and take home. I am always home. A lot of stuff I used to do, I can no longer do,” he added.

King Promise also insisted that President Nana Akufo-Addo being tagged “King Promise” by his political opponents is something he finds funny, which doesn’t bother him.

“It’s funny when I see it all the time. I always laugh when I see stuff like that. I don’t have a problem with it honestly, having them call the president by my name kind of funny. He is the president, who’s gonna say he doesn’t like it. It doesn’t take anything away from me.”

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