All men are insistently referred to as dogs;


It’s particularly the bane when the issuer in the instance has become the reverse of the word ‘dog’;

A god who possess omnifarious qualities.


What really is the issue?

Is there an err in man’s creation to be referred to as such in an ungodly norm?

Or it’s the missing part taken to create another, complete from him?

Or that, he can’t resist whatever Eve gives to him?


All men are dogs;

Are all dogs men?

It’s not a fair comparison by any estate.


Consider not even the blasphemy;

If there’s an insistent craving to refer a man to a dog, the least consideration should be;

A dog is most loyal and faithful and a good friend to man when treated well with even the least.

Own a dog and just maybe you’ll understand.


Asford Psalms





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